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Needle Detector ND-A
    Publish time 2012-02-06 13:50    
Needle Detector for detecting broken needles in the products. They are widely used in the textile, cloth industry.
Needle Detector ND-A

1. Ordinary type basic detection functions and detection range.
             2. The main components are assembled with imported parts, and thus boast more   accurate sensitivity and accuracy and digital counting function.
1.DOUBLE patented technology adopted, with high sensitivity and high anti-jamming capability.
             2. Integrated design, integrating switching power supply, control circuit, microcomputer and amplifier circuit, and making the electronic circuit compact and more reliable.
             3. SPI serial data transmission is adopted between the motherboard and the panel. Only three lines can achieve control of all lights and keyboards, having improved the product reliability.
             4. The use of blended switch power supply and linear power supply achieves wider working scope and higher sensitivity.
             5. RISC high-performance chips adopted in the microcomputer, whose powerful date computing power ensures its high sensitivity and anti-jamming capability.
             6. Intelligent sidelight control can accurately show the position of broken needles.

Power Supply: 220V/110V, 50/60HZ
Power: 60W;
Sensitivity: Φ0.8mm
Detection width: 600mm
Detection height: 100mm
Dimension: L1600mm x W960mm x H950mm
Weight: 230Kg.