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Multi-level Weigher
    Publish time 2014-08-19 14:03    
Multi-level sorting check weigher is mainly used for sea food, pharmaceutical, spart parts, etc, multi-level weight sorting

Multi-level Sorting Check Weigher CW-NM  



  *Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design(optinal)  

  *High accurate load cell; Based on advanced DSP technology.  

  *Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking.  

  *100 kinds of products preset; easy to edit and recall.  

  *2000 pieces sorting products records with RS232 printer interface.  

  *USB interface, USB disk record sorting data.  

  *Quickly different products shift and speed recall.  

  *LCD Touch screen; friendly operation interface.  

  *automatical rejection system with alarm light, such as air nozzle rejector, pusher rejector, arm flap rejector.   

  * products traveling direction: from left to right, can also from right to left.  



  Measurement: Strain Gauge  

  Reception system: air nozzle rejector, pusher rejector or arm flap rejector  

  Operation: 8 inch Touch Screen  

  Weighing range: 5g-1500g   

  Maximum Accuracy: ±0.5g  

  Weighing speed: Max.120 pcs/min  

  Minimum scale: 0.1g  

  Sorting level: 8 levels (other levels are also available)  

  Power Supply: AC110V/220V/380V 50-60Hz  

  Alarm: Buzzer & Lamp  

  Rejection system: pusher rejector/ flap arm rejector/ air jet rejector,etc