Metal Detector Gate RY-A
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Metal Detector Gate RY-A
Door Frame Metal Detector RY-A



Door Frame Metal Detector RY-A

Power supply: AC 110V-- 220V
Work envionment : -20℃―+65℃
Power: <30W
Weight : 70KG
Outer frame : 2220(h) *800(w) *630mm(d)
Inner frame : 2010(h) *700(w) *500mm(d)
Strong anti-jamming capability: The system filters and
balances signals through digital signal processing technology (DSP) to efficiently avoid distortion and failure.
LED displaying panel, convenient for operation
It can automatically adjust the sensibility from 0 to 255
Adoption of PVC composite material which is waterproof.
Warranty :Limited 12 months, parts and labor

Base Unit Carton size: 77*48.5*36CM
Door panel Carton size:228*56*20CM

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