Handheld Metal Detector MD-3003B1
Category: Handheld & Underground Metal Detector  Publish Time: 2012-10-19 17:00 

Handheld Metal Detector MD-3003B1
Handheld Metal Detector MD-3003B1


      Hand held metal detector  (SUPER SCANNER)  MD-3003B1 

* It equipped with leather case, it can be operated simply and portable    
* It can be charged    
* It is the first model to adopt the automatic reset function switch    
   to change sensitivity.     
* It can adjust sensitivity    
* Working power supply: 6F22ND  9 V battery (alkaline battery,    
   rechargeable battery), rechargable battery should not be taken out and    
   rechared  (the price not included the charger and battery)     
* Alarm modes:Simultaneous sound (vibration)and light alarm 

Packing: 25pcs/carton; Weight:15kg/carton

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