VFFS Bagger with 10 head weigher RY-VP420
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VFFS Bagger with 10 head weigher RY-VP420
VFFS Bagger with 10 head weigher RY-VP420

* Low cost high gain, high speed and efficiency.
* Famous brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;
*Servo film pulling system, Pneumatic horizontal sealing;
* minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function;
* It can complete feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting, finished product delivery when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment.

Bag size
(L)60-300mm (W)90-200mm
Bag type
Pillow bag, stand-up bag, punching ba
Film Pulling belt
double-belt pulling film
Max packaging film width
Thickness of film
Air consumption
0.8Mpa 0.6cmb/min
Main power/voltage
2.2KW/220V 50Hz
The weight of switchboard

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