DXDFR-60Z Three-side Seal-- Powder Packing Machine
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DXDFR-60Z Three-side Seal-- Powder Packing Machine
DXDFR-60Z Three-side Seal for Powder Packing Machine

DXDFR-60Z Powder Packing Machine

1. Bag-making system adopts step motor with high precision(error is less than 1mm).
2. Controller adopts Chinese or English displaying, can see the working conditions directly.
3. Heating sealer with 4 sides of heating control, each sealing side temperature can be adjusted separately with good heat-balance to ensure the seal in good quality, suit for a variety of packaging materials.
4. With intelligent photoelectric controller system.
5. Good visibility with side-open protective platens, operate safely.
6. Metering screw is drived by step motor, so that can get higher repeat precision.
7. adopt the newest hopper sets, easy to adjust and clean, no need adjust again after clean, so that can improve working efficiency
8. Model DXDF-60C adopt undercutting tool, Model DXDF-60Z adopt revolving knife, with fast packing speed, can adjust cutter position when machine working.
9. This machine is suitable for the packing of powder products, bag can choose from 3-side or 4-side seal according to customer needs.
10. Ribbon printer is addable according to customer needs, which can print one to three lines letter, date of produce and batch number.

二、 Specification
Model No.: DXDFR-60Z
Packing speed: 40-60(bag/min)
Measuring Range : 1—80ml
Bag size(mm): L:50-145 W:30-100(mm)
Voltage (V): three-phase four-wire system 380V or single phase 220V
Power(KW): 2
Overall dimension(mm):665×770×1640 or 665×1000×1640(mm)
Packing material: All kinds of composite materials
Diameter of packing material: ≤300(mm)

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